Catalogue Educo Jegro 2018-lr

Language play (3–6 years)

Speech Communication

Build together Cooperate and build structures following assignment card images or create own designs. Give one another verbal instructions such as, Put the red block on the green one. Stimulate communication, teamwork and creativity. The separation wall has to be ordered separately

Language play (3–6 years)

(E523210). Contents:

• 2 wooden goblins • 2 wooden trees • wooden box

• 12 plastic assignment cards • 16 wooden blocks in 4 different colours

E523292  Build together

Dividing wall Use the dividing wall to help you focus or simply to learn working together. For example, both children on each side of the wall play with equal sets of blocks and give each other verbal clues in order to create similar structures. Remove the wall and see if both of you have been successful. Contents:

• wooden dividing wall E523210  Dividing wall

Do Zoo Two children play on opposite sides of the upright board. Choose an assignment card and give verbal instructions such as: The boy is behind the bench near the pond. Contents: • 2 cards with a map on one side and a matrix on the other side • card with a zoo • 16 assignment cards with 32 assignments • wooden holder • 50 wooden figures • wooden box (39 x 27 x 3 cm) 3003141  Do Zoo


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