Catalogue Educo Jegro 2018-lr

Motor play

Motor development Gross motor skills

Horse harness

Leather horse harness. Stimulate imagination and motor skills when playing outside. E522091  Horse harness Horse harness with bell Leather horse harness with bell. Stimulate imagination and motor skills when playing outside. E522095  Horse harness with bell Horse harness with safety button Leather horse harness with safety button and 2 bells. Stimulate imagination and motor skills when playing outside. This horse harness contains a safety button. As soon as a child get stuck somewhere, the harness opens. E522096  Horse harness with safety button

Motor play

Throwing game

Combining elements from many classic games, this fun activity encourages counting. Throw 4 rope rings onto the pins and then count your score based on the pin values. This game can be used on the floor or can be wall-mounted. Contents: • wooden board with 9 pins (ø 50 cm) • 4 rope rings E522820  Throwing game

Stilts wood

A pair of sturdy wooden stilts with adjustable foot rest heights. Develop body awareness, balance and coordination. Height: 155 cm. E522768  Stilts wood

Summer skis (2 children)

These colourful summer skis encourage children to work together while exercising. The skis are made of wood and have two anti-slip rubber blocks underneath. Children build teamwork skills while they improve their coordination. Contents: • set of wooden skis with hand ropes (ski size: 89 x 9 cm) E524003  Summer skis (2 children)

Walking stilts 15 cm Height: 15 cm. E522767  Walking stilts 15 cm

Walking stilts 12 cm

Solid, stable and robust walking stilts with an animal image. Develop gross motor skills, coordination and synchronization of movements. Includes adjustable ropes.

Assorted colours. Height: 12 cm. E522766  Walking stilts 12 cm


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