Catalogue Educo Jegro 2018-lr

Puzzle play

Layer puzzles

Growth puzzles Wooden layered puzzles that help to present the growth cycle concept. The series shows the passage of time with the development of the images. Each phase of growth is larger and requires more pieces to complete the picture. Contents: • wooden layered puzzle frame (24 x 24 x 2 cm) • 31 wooden puzzle pieces E522009  Growth puzzle - tulip E522011  Growth puzzle - grandmother E522012  Growth puzzle - chicken E522013  Growth puzzle - frog E522014  Growth puzzle - butterfly E522015  Growth puzzle - grandfather E522016  Growth puzzle - bird E522018  Growth puzzle - sunflower E522221  Growth puzzle - turtle

Puzzle play

Puzzles in 2 layers Set of 4 wooden puzzles with 2 layers that show the inside and the outside of a truck, fire engine, police car and ambulance. The bottom layer contains 25 pieces, the top layer 64 pieces. Available separately or as a set of 4. Contents:

• wooden frame (40 x 40 cm) • 89 wooden puzzle pieces E523252  Puzzle in 2 layers - truck E523253  Puzzle in 2 layers - fire engine E523254  Puzzle in 2 layers - police car E523255  Puzzle in 2 layers - ambulance E523256  Puzzles in 2 layers - set of 4


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