Catalogue Educo Jegro 2018-lr

Puzzle play

Knob puzzles

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Puzzle cases

Universal puzzle case (empty) The perfect solution for neatly storing lots of differently sized puzzles, up to 40 x 40 cm. This wooden case has 13 shelves. Dimensions: 80 x 49 x 13 cm.

E522427  Universal puzzle case (empty)

Puzzle case 24 (empty) Wooden puzzle case for 8 puzzles with size 24 x 24 cm, for example the Growth puzzles. Dimensions of the case: 27.5 x 21.5 x 29 cm.

E522017  Puzzle case 24 (empty)

Puzzle case 34 (empty) Suitable for all types of 34 x 34 cm puzzles. Holds up to 8 puzzles. Dimensions of the case: 38 x 24 x 26 cm.

E522054  Puzzle case 34 (empty)


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