Catalogue Educo Jegro 2018-lr

Fruit set large (24) Delicious fruit of indestructible plastic! Perfectly suited for pretend play. Fruit set large has the size of real fruit, the fruit set small contains smaller fruit pieces. Both sets contain 24 pieces.

Pretend play

E522366  Fruit set large (24) E522371  Fruit set small (24)



Milk, yoghurt and cheese set (12) A set of 12 plastic pieces containing milk, yoghurt and a fine selection of cheese.

E522370  Milk, yoghurt and cheese set (12)

Pizza set (8) The plastic pizza can be cut into pieces and reassembled by means of the Velcro. The set contains 6 plastic pizzas, pizza cutter and pizza scoop.

E522384  Pizza set (8)

Vegetable set (12)

12 different kinds of plastic vegetables. All vegetables have the right shape, size and colour.

E522372  Vegetable set (12)

Fish set (12) Various kinds of fish (sardine, plaice, perch, trout, etc.). The set includes 12 plastic pieces, including chips to create your own fish and chips meal.

E522376  Fish set (12)

Meat set (12)

Various kinds of meat. The set includes 12 plastic pieces, including chips.

E522377  Meat set (12)


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