Catalogue Educo Jegro 2018-lr

Mathematical play (3–6 years)

Numeracy Number sense and counting

Counting street

E522882  Deliver letters and learn to count to 10. Find the missing number in a series, addition and subtraction and number correspondence. Build teamwork by pairing up children to take turns delivering letters based on verbal directions and cues. Children can also work individually and deliver a number of envelopes to each house based on colour and numerals. Self-checking. Contents: • 2 wooden stands • 2 wooden rows of houses • 16 plastic assignment cards • 10 plastic cards with numbers and dots

Mathematical play (3–6 years)

• 100 plastic envelopes in 10 colours • wooden box (36.5 x 14 x 10.5 cm) E522882  Counting street

Beetle counting game

Match sets of beetle wings featuring dots and numbers. Combine dots with dots and numbers with numbers or both for more difficulty. Develop counting skills and number recognition up to 12. Self-checking. Contents: • wooden frame (40 x 40 cm) • 50 plastic image cards E522102  Beetle counting game

Thematic counting game Children realize the value of equal sets as remaining the same, even when spread out, squeezed together or rearranged. Place the image cards next to the story board with the logical order or matching numeric value. When correct, turning all cards over onto the story board reveals one large image. Contents: • 8 plastic assignment cards • 64 plastic image cards • wooden box (34 x 20 x 6 cm) E522401  Thematic counting game

Colour sticks Multi-coloured rings, sticks and multiple dice give a wide variety of game play. Children aim to be the first to fill up their stick or sticks by throwing dice to collect rings. This game gives children experience with addition and subtraction. Contents: • wooden stand • 60 wooden rings in 6 colours • 4 dice: + and –, dots 1-6, numbers 1-6, colours E523125  Colour sticks


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