Catalogue Educo Jegro 2018-lr

Mathematical play (3–6 years)

Numeracy Number sense and counting

Magnetic number game Counting game with various possibilities to get acquainted with amounts up to 10 and corresponding number symbols. Throw the dice, slide beads onto the rods and place the right magnetic numbers. Contents: • 10 magnetic plastic cards with numbers 0-9 • 5 plastic rods

Mathematical play (3–6 years)

• 50 plastic beads in 5 colours • 2 wooden dice with dots 1-6 • wooden die with numbers 1-5 • wooden box (32 x 21.5 x 3.5 cm) 3011111  Magnetic number game

Five in a row - math Game assignment cards introduce –1 and +1 and = in this preparatory math matching game. Children simply match the assignment cards along each axis. The wooden stand (available separately) allows children to check their work easily because of the self-check on the back. Contents: • 8 plastic assignment cards • 32 plastic cards with math signs (-1 , +1 , =)

• 128 plastic image cards • wooden box (31 x 29 x 8) E522237  Five in a row - math E522200  Wooden game stand

Find and count magnetic Place the assignment strip in the wooden board. Count the assigned images. Move the same amount of coloured balls with the magnetic pen. Turn the assignment strip for self check. Contents: • wooden board (29 x 36 cm) • magnetic pen • 10 assignment cards E523369  Find and count magnetic


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