Catalogue Educo Jegro 2018-lr

Mathematical play

Search and find - quantities

(3–6 years)

Additional card set to Search and find. Children combine number representations and quantities. Contents: • 8 plastic assignment cards (28 x 29 cm) E523348  Search and find - quantities

Counting hands (2) Recognise quantities at a glance. Counting hands help children to trust their number skills and move away from using their own fingers. Contents:

• 2 wooden hands on a wooden base with 10 bendable fingers E523001  Counting hands (2)

Counting caps (300) Enjoy counting with these stackable counting caps! Make groups of quantities (e.g. groups of 5 caps) or sort by colour. The counting caps are also suitable for making sequences and continuing series. Contents: • 300 stackable plastic counting caps, in 10 different colours E522780  Counting caps (300)

Counting eggs

The 10 unbreakable eggs are magnetically held into place for class instruction. The egg box lid is a whiteboard surface. Children can compete to correctly answer equations written on the box lid with a whiteboard marker. Open the box to check the answer by counting the eggs. Contents: • wooden egg box with magnet and whiteboard • 10 wooden eggs with magnets E523002  Counting eggs


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