Catalogue Educo Jegro 2018-lr

Heutink International

Grow with Heutink International. We create, develop, produce and sell educational products. Create The close contact we have with our local distributors, schools, kindergartens, teachers and other educational experts, inspires us immensely to come up with ideas for new products. Alongside, our product development team consisting of people with knowledge about education, sales, marketing, sourcing and production, also comes up with ideas for new products. The best ideas are being selected and transferred to the actual product development process. Develop In the development process the actual product design and content is defined. Based upon this a feasibility study follows, to see whether the product can be made in our factories, at reasonable and marketable prices and quality. If this is the case a prototype will be made in order to examine whether the product meets our expectations. It is possible that some adjustments need to be made, but it is also possible that the prototype will be approved. Produce When the prototype is approved, the minimum order quantity will be put in production. This is done in one of our factories. Sell We usually introduce our new products at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg. After this first introduction, we pay the distributors in our international network a visit and demonstrate the new products to them. The sales can begin! 'Grow with Heutink' means being able to do two things: 1. To support children all over the world in their development. We believe that learning through play is an essential component to a childĀ“s growth and development. 2. To support our customers who share the same passion. Our goal is to share our knowledge and make you benefit from it.


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