Catalogue Educo Jegro 2018-lr

Mathematics (6-12 years)


Math puzzles up to 20

Practise addition and subtraction up to 20 in a playful way by making the math puzzles. The puzzles have an increase in degree of difficulty with either 24 or 35 pieces. Available separately or as a set of 4. Contents: • wooden frame (40 x 28 cm) • 24 puzzle pieces with a sum on the back side • plastic sheet with answers E523350  Math puzzle up to 20 + (24) E523351  Math puzzle up to 20 - (24) E523362  Math puzzle up to 20 +/- 1 (35) E523363  Math puzzle up to 20 +/- 2 (35)

(6-12 years)


Math box magnetic Match quantities and number symbols and visualise arithmetic operations. Place sums or number sequences of various kinds on the metal plate in the bottom of the box. Use the plate with numbers to arrange and store the blocks. The size of the blocks is ideal for little hands. Contents: • wooden box with hinged lid (36 x 22 x 3 cm) • white metal plate in bottom and lid • 92 wooden magnetic blocks with numbers, math signs and arrows • 20 coloured wooden magnetic blocks: 10 x pink / 10 x green 1240007  Math box magnetic

Math box cards Assignment cards for the Math box magnetic. Choose an assignment card. The cards are numbered and have an increasing degree of difficulty. Place the chosen card in the Math box and for each sum lay a block with the outcome next to the card. Check your answers by turning the card. Well done? Move on to the next door. Contents: • red plastic box (19.5 x 8 x 4 cm) • 20 plastic assignment cards with self- check

1241007  Math box cards up to 10 1241008  Math box cards up to 20


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