Catalogue Educo Jegro 2018-lr

Mathematical play (3–6 years)

Measuring Volume

Sand bucket

Solid plastic bucket with strong plastic handle and a wide rim underneath for easy pouring. Matching sieves available separately (E522772). Assorted in 4 colours. Height: 16.5 cm E522771  Sand bucket Sand sieve Sieve for sand bucket E522771. Assorted in 4 colours. Diameter: 14.5 cm. E522772  Sand sieve

Mathematical play (3–6 years)

Sand-water scoop

Easy-to-use plastic scoop for both sand and water in assorted colours. Length: 23.5 cm. E522765  Sand-water scoop

Spade 80 cm red

Strong red plastic spade with ergonomic design. Length: 80 cm. E522773  Spade 80 cm red Spade 65 cm yellow Strong yellow plastic spade with ergonomic design. Length: 65 cm. E522774  Spade 65 cm yellow Rake 75 cm blue Strong blue plastic rake with ergonomic design. Length: 75 cm. E522775  Rake 75 cm blue

Geometric sand shapes Sand shapes with geometrical figures: 2x rectangle, 2x triangle, 2x circle and 2x square, made of plastic. They can be combined to make all sorts of imaginative sand figures. Length: app. 11 cm. E522848  Geometric sand shapes


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