Catalogue Educo Jegro 2018-lr

Mathematical play (3–6 years)


Length, area and perimeter




Time and planning

Weighing Weighing is all about experiencing differences in weight. The main goal for children is to understand and to use concepts such as heavy, light, and equal. Determining the weight of certain objects with one's hand or a scale and discovering that the weight of and object does not always seem to correspond with its size are activities which stimulate the development of weighing.

Scales Balance weights or compare the weight of various objects. Learn to describe what happens to the scale and why. (Weights available separately). Children will begin to classify objects as heavy / light, despite object size. Contents: • 2 plastic pans • wooden scale (40 x 15 cm) E522185  Scales

Extra set of plastic bowls

Extra set of plastic bowls for Scales (E522185). E522186  Extra set of plastic bowls

Plastic weights

Plastic weights are easy to handle and durable. Pairs are equally weighted to show balance and equality. Use with Scales (E522185). Contents: • 2 wooden stands • 8 plastic red weights (2 x 4, ranging from 4-7 cm in height) E522832  Plastic weights


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