Catalogue Educo Jegro 2018-lr

Mathematics (6-12 years)


Clock analogue-digital teacher

Demonstrates the relationship between digital and analogue time at a glance. The analogue clock face shows hours up to 12 whereas the digital clock shows hours up to 24. Both clock times have to be operated manually. Contents: • wooden board (49 x 12.5 cm) 3030400  Clock analogue-digital teacher

(6-12 years)


Clock basic teacher Demonstration clock with synchronised hands. The red marks on the clock correspond with the hour hand and the blue marks with the minute hand. Contents: • yellow plastic clock (25.5 cm Ø) mechanism on the back to synchronize the hands • blue wooden holder (21.5 x 9 x 1.5 cm) 2075000  Clock basic teacher

Clock magnetic teacher This demonstration clock has a 12 and 24 hour marking and is easy to attach to a magnetic board. Mark the digital times before and after noon on the 2 displays with the magnetic number cards. The colour of the hands correspond with the colour of the displays. Contents: • magnetic clock with plastic hands (35.5 x 30 cm) • 44 magnetic number cards



2070000  Clock magnetic teacher 2071000  Clocks AM/PM pupils

Clock with various clock faces teacher Demonstration clock with synchronised hands and different clock faces. The transparencies can easily be changed by twisting off the large hand. Helps to teach pupils both simple and more advanced time concepts. Contents: • wooden clock (30 x 30 cm) with basic clock face • thick cord to hang the clock and a thin cord to move the hands • 3 transparencies with clock faces (numbers 1-12, numbers 1-24, Roman numerals) • white plastic cards with 4 quarters of hours • (for the Dutch market 1 transparency with hours, minutes and Dutch words) 3030311  Clock with various clock faces teacher


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