Catalogue Educo Jegro 2018-lr



Mathematical play

Spider sorting puzzles

(3–6 years)

Look at the images the spider shows. The spider gives 4 assignments. Place image cards with matching characteristics in the right place into the inlay frame. Contents:

• 17 wooden puzzle pieces • wooden frame (40 x 40 cm)

E523365  Spider sorting puzzle - quantities E523366  Spider sorting puzzle - colours E523367  Spider sorting puzzle - shapes E523368  Spider sorting puzzle - the four seasons



Where does it belong? Develop visual perception and mathematical thinking. Assignment cards relate to the image cards visually and numerically. Students are challenged to find the correct matches. When correct, both cards turned over together will reveal a small circle. The assignment cards have an increase in degree of difficulty. Contents: • 18 plastic assignment cards • 18 plastic image cards

Find the row Find the row helps children learn to organize and classify categories for images. Children describe and compare an assignment strip and the three small cards that belong with it as full-empty, wide-narrow, and high-low, etc. This game inspires the use of descriptive words which to helps increase children’s vocabulary. Self-checking. Contents: • 10 plastic assignment cards • 30 plastic image cards • wooden box E523121  Find the row

• wooden box (34 x 20 x 6 cm) E523120  Where does it belong?


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