Catalogue Educo Jegro 2018-lr

Mathematical play


(3–6 years)

Copy scenes in perspective and communicate about what you see. Stimulate spatial orientation and vocabulary. Contents: • 12 plastic assignment cards

• 20 wooden figures • 2 wooden holders • wooden box (22.5 x 11 x 6 cm) E523361  Perspectivo

EduCody Learn to code with the hands-on coding robot EduCody. The different EduCody blocks make coding touchable. Put the right blocks in a row and the command tower tells the little robot where to go. Develop problem-solving skills and learn about STEAM. Contents: • wooden game board, divided in 4 puzzle pieces • 6 plastic assignments cards, printed on both sides • coding robot • command tower • plastic coding blocks • plastic dividers 900000012  EduCody

Vista What do the animals see? First take an assignment card and reconstruct the building on the game board. Now there are two options for play. Look carefully and where necessary turn the board, then place the animals in the right place. Or: first place the animals in the indicated location. From all sides look at what they see and construct the building. Develop fine motor skills, visual memory and spatial insight. Contents: • plastic game board • 4 wooden animal figures • 16 wooden blocks • 24 assignment cards • wooden box (30 x 21 x 6 cm) 900000010  Vista

Place the animals Where do the insects belong? Take an assignment card and its corresponding chips. Put the illustrated insects in their place. By reasoning you will find out where every animal belongs. Learn reasoning step by step by combining and deducing. With self-check. Contents: • 2 game boards • 18 chips • 18 assignment cards printed on both sides • wooden box 900000011  Place the animals


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